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Product Overview: Pave Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Sareen Jewelry

In this post we wanted to take a look at this spectacular engagement ring!

This stunning piece from the designer Sareen Jewelry is one of the most stunning pave set halo diamond engagement rings that we carry here at Emma Parker & Co.

We are huge fans of anything from Sareen Jewelry. Their quality is simply awesome. Since we started carrying their rings a few years ago, we have been thrilled to deliver stunning ring after stunning ring.

What sets this ring apart is the quality of the pave setting. The small diamonds that encrust the ring are set into the ring with such amazing precision and workmanship that the ring really resembles a piece of art. The sheer level of craftsmanship and quality that goes into this ring makes it worth every penny.

Don’t let the price tag on this ring deter you. The truth is that when we brought on the Sareen line we were so excited about it that we actually decide to take a lower margin just to offer this line to our customers. For rings that boast significantly less quality and workmanship, prices can run as much a double what the Sareen line of rings is priced at. Even the names most synonmous with quality, such as Cartier, Tiffany’s, and Harry Winston cannot out perform the quality of the Sareen line, in our humble opinion, but these brands are priced at budget shattering levels.

If you are looking for an engagement ring that is truly a piece of art, consider this setting, or one of the other stunning pieces from the Sareen Jewelry Collection. You will be blown away by the stunning beauty of the ring.



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